Potty time!

Regular readers of my blog will know that we practise elimination communication on a part-time basis. Most days this consists of me catching one wee a day. On other occasions I have a really bloody good day, where I am able to catch nearly all wees and poos. On those days, I feel like super mum!

Until recently I’d hold Emily out over the potty or the toilet. So I’d have her on my chest facing outwards and hold her round her thighs. Yesterday however I thought I’ll just see what happens if I sit her on the potty. Et voila! There was wee-wee. She looked so happy with herself too.  

Today I thought I’d continue this trend so when she gave me her cue I took her to the potty. Funny thing was she’d been chewing on a wooden spoon beforehand and took this with her. Whilst sitting on the potty she had the spoon end pointing up with the handle bit on the floor, so she actually did look like she was sitting on a throne. Combined with her cheery little face, it was adorable. 

After that I set up a little potty station downstairs to save all the messing around. Emily loved this because all her toys were still nearby and I loved it because it gave my knees a rest from walking up and downstairs all day. She was quite happy to sit there for a while even though she usually wees straight away. 

Anyway I’m feeling pretty pleased with both of us. Hopefully this will make the step to potty training that bit easier when the day comes. 


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